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The power of the internet is the ability to make links. We never have to describe where to find anything, we can simply use a link to take them straight there!

Making a link is extremely easy:

A link in your text

  • In the editor type the word or words that you want to become the link (for example ‘Policies page’ or ‘’ or the legendary ‘click here’
  • Highlight the text
  • Click the insert/edit link button in the editor tool bar (it’s the one that looks like a chain)
  • Type the web address (URL) into the pop up box, then the blue arrow to save
    N.B. if you are linking to another page in your website rather than to an external website, you can simply type the title of the page or post that you want to link to and a list will appear below for you to choose from.

Turning an Image into a Link

  • Add an image to your page/post in the normal way using the Add Media button.
  • As you upload the image in the media library, you’ll see the attachment details box to the right, towards the bottom under the heading ‘Attachment Display Settings’ look for the ‘Link to’ box.
  • In the ‘Link to‘ box select Custom URL and type in the web address that you want the image to send people to when they click it.

N.B. if you are editing a page or a post where the image is already there, you can hover over it and click the edit icon to access a screen where you can input the ‘Link to’ details.

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