Getting the URL for an uploaded document or image

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Every item that you upload to your website (into the media library) has it’s very own web address (URL).

When we add images or documents to a page or post, the system automatically uses the address of the item to create a link or embed the image into your page, so it’s nice and easy.

But sometimes, you may want to get a bit more technical and create a custom way of linking to or using the item, for which you will need the URL.

One example is that you may have ‘button’ that you want to link to an item. Another is that you may have a image that you may want to use as a link to a document.

How to:

  • Go into the media library (dashboard > media>library) N.B. if your item doesn’t already exist in the library you need to upload it by going to dashboard>media>add new
  • Find the item that you want to link to by searching or browsing.
  • Click on the item
  • Look in the right hand pane for the URL box, copy the URL

The URL should look something like this:


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