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Most of the links that appear in your pages or posts are regular text links. The system styles each one slightly differently depending on whether they are internal links to other pages in your website, external links that take the viewer out of your site into another, or a link to a document (as seen below).

There are other links in your site that appear as buttons

Most button links in your site are automatically generated and can’t be edited, such as the links at the end of a page that lead to any sub-pages.

However, someone may have requested a button link to be created within your page content. These can be edited, as below:

How To Edit

The first thing to note is that links in your editing window do not always look the same as they do in the live site. Below you can see an example of how different link types may appear in your editor

Editing button links is actually exactly the same as editing any other link:

To change the button text, there’s no need to click the edit pop-up, you simply click the text of the link, backspace the characters away then type new text (see *warning at the bottom of this page)


To change where the button links to, you click into the link, then click the edit (pencil) icon, paste in a new URL and then click the blue arrow to save.

After making any pages to a post or page (including altering links) don’t forget to click  the ‘Update’ button to save the changes you made.

*Warning about changing button text:

Button links carry special style information that tells the system to make them look like a button, when backspacing out the text of the link you might accidentally remove all the hidden info that makes that link look like a button. To avoid doing this, edit in-between the first and last character of the link text, then finally backspace out those two characters at either end.




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