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Staff who wish to write to the site need a user account. Here’s how you add them in:

New users can be added by any member of staff that has a user account with the permission level of ‘Admin/SLT’

From the dashboard you can either click on ‘+ New‘, then ‘User‘ at the very top of the page, or from the left hand menu choose ‘Users‘ then ‘Add New

To Add a user you need to know their name and email address

1. Normal Method

  • Type in a username for your staff member
    It’s a good practice to use the same format for all users: first initial followed immediately by surname (all lowercase) e.g. John Smith’s username would be – jsmith
  • Type in Email (no two users can have the same email address), then complete First Name and Last Name boxes
  • Website box – leave this empty
  • You don’t need to click ‘Show Password’ but make sure the ‘Send User Notification’ is clicked
  • Select the correct role for your user (SLT, Teacher, TA etc) You can read more about the abilities of different roles here:User Permissions and Abilities
  • Finish by clicking ‘Add New User’

The staff member will receive an email (usually within 5 minutes) containing a link that allows them to reset the automatically generated password and log in.

Due to the email filtering system in place on school email accounts these emails often end up in email folders called ‘Spam’, ‘Junk’ or ‘Clutter’ make sure your staff members check in these folders to find the email.

2. Adding a User – Without Needing to Send/Receive a Log In Email

If you have problems receiving the login email, or if the member of staff is with you when you open their user account, you can type the password in directly and no email is needed.

The process is the same as that above, other than this way, you will click the ‘Show Password’ button and then you’ll delete the auto-filled password and ask the user to replace it with the password of their choice.
There’s no need to ‘Send User Notification’

Ask the user to make a note of their username and password and show them where the log in button can be found on the website.

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