Promoting Updates about an Ongoing Situation

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There are times when you may be faced with an ongoing situation or emergency that needs to be clearly and prominently displayed on your website.
Floods, Snow closures, Building infrastructure issues (like burst pipes) or pandemics are all good examples.

There are two tools that we can use in this scenario.

  1. Tagging posts. You can write news posts in the normal way but ‘tag’ them so that they can be grouped together. Using the same ‘tag’ on related news posts creates a unique web address for that collection of posts that can then be shared on social media as a way for parents to get the latest news in a situation.
    How to group posts with tags

  2. Using ‘Sticky Posts’. You can stick any post to the front page of your website and to the top of your parents’ area by clicking a box to make it ‘sticky’. It will stay there until you ‘unstick’ it.
    How to use Sticky Posts to make notices prominent

Once you know how to use both these features, you can write a news post that says something like:

“School is currently closed. For updates in this situation visit our [situation name]* page”

*where [situation name] is replaced by something like ‘COVID-19’ and is a link to the address of your page of tagged posts.

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