Making Important Posts and Notices Prominent

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You can raise the importance and relevance of any posts simply by making it ‘sticky’

Depending on how your site has been designed, a sticky post will be made more prominent in different ways.

Some sites may display sticky posts in a box at the top of the Parents’s area, others may also add it to a box on the homepage of your website.

Unlike regular posts, sticky posts do not move down the site when other posts are made, but instead hold their position at the top until you ‘unstick’ them.

How to make a post Sticky

When you write your post in the editor screen, look for the ‘Publish‘ box. In there you’ll see an option called ‘visibility‘, click ‘edit’ next to this, then you’ll see a check box entitled ‘Stick this post to the front page‘ – check it.

You can also stick and unstick posts via the ‘quick edit’ option when viewing multiple posts in the  Posts > All Posts screen

N.B. Unsticking

You post will remain in it’s prominent position until a time when you unstick it. You do that by unchecking the box in quick edit or the Publish box of the edit screen.

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