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Mailchimp is the service that your website connects to in order to mail out your newsletter and bulletin emails.

This service holds the details of all your subscribers in your mailing list, a record of emails sent and who received/opened them.

Why you may want to access the service

Our use of Mailchimp is fully automated and needs no intervention. Our email are sent automatically, and our subscribers should be able to control their own settings without our help.
The reasons you may want to access MailChimp are:

This can only be done by staff who have been set up with administrators access to the mailing system. If you don’t have access, please contact Kiskadoo to request a log in.

***access to this system should only be given to one or two members of staff who are tech savvy and who are familiar with the privacy requirements of the GDPR.***

    Whilst logged into the Mailchimp site, you should avoid entering the ‘Campaigns’ section. it is surprisingly easy to inadvertently stop your email system from working if you enter this area, even a harmless click-around to look at the system can lead to an accidental disabling of the automated newsletters or bulletins from sending.
    Any intervention that you require Kiskadoo to make under the ‘campaigns’ section will be chargable.
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