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This can only be done by staff who have been set up with administrators access to the mailing system. If you don’t have access, please contact Kiskadoo to request a log in.

***access to this system should only be given to one or two members of staff who are tech savvy and who are familiar with the privacy requirements of the GDPR.***

  • Log in using your MailChimp username and password
  • Use the top menu to navigate to either the ‘Audience’ area
  • There should only be one title in your Audience menu, usually named ‘Parents and Carers’ or the name of your school or something similar.
  • Click ‘View Contacts
  • Use the magnifying glass icon to enter your search word (use a name or email address)
  • From the list of results click ‘View Profile’ for the subscriber (called ‘contacts’ in this system) that you are interested in.
  • Click ‘Actions
  • Click ‘Delete
Whilst logged into the Mailchimp site, you should avoid entering the ‘Campaigns’ section. it is surprisingly easy to inadvertently stop your email system from working if you enter this area, even a harmless click-around to look at the system can lead to an accidental disabling of the automated newsletters or bulletins from sending.
Any intervention that you require Kiskadoo to make under the ‘campaigns’ section will be chargable.
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