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Log into the dashboard and either:

  • At the very top menu bar go to ‘+ New’ then ‘Post’OR
  • From the left hand side menu go to ‘Posts’ > ‘Add new’
Optional for the confident:
Once you’ve landed on the new post page, if you want to be super-slick, you can actually bookmark or save a short cut to it’s web address, then everytime you want to write new post, you’ll be able to get there with just one click!
The new post web address should look something like this:


You have just 4 things to complete in order to publish your post:

  1. Write a title
    Every post must have a title, look for the box under ‘Add a new post’ that says ‘Enter title here’.
  2. Add the content
    In the big white box under the title (the content editor), add your posts’ content. It might be words/pictures/photos/music or a video
  3. Select a category
    This is important. This action tells the system what type of post you have written. Is it news from the school office, classroom news or activity, class spellings or homework?
    You must select at least one category but are free to choose more than one if necessary. Look for the category box usually to the right or below the content editor) and click the category that applies to your post.
    You can also use the category system to email your post to parents or to add it to the school newsletter. Read more about categories.
  4. Publish (or save for later… or bin it!)
    Nearly there! Look for the ‘Publish’ box, it has a big blue button that you can click to publish your post. Click that and you’re done.
    If you don’t want to publish yet, you also have the option to preview the post, save it as a draft (find it later under ‘Posts’ > ‘all posts’). Or if you want to get rid of it all together, you can ‘move to bin’
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