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The class news area is a series of posts with the most recent post sitting at the top of the page. The most recent post may also feature in other areas of the site, drawing visitors attention to it.

This area is designed as a way to keep parents engaged with the learning and activity in your class. It’s also a good way for you to showcase your talents as a teacher, receive recognition for the work you are doing and it’s great to review memories and what you’ve covered ahead of Parents’ Evenings and the end of the school year.

The regularity and depth with which you use this area will depend on the other systems you also use for parent communications. For those schools where the website is their sole form of digital communications, you may want to post at least weekly with an update. Schools who already use classroom apps with parent logins, you would need to update this less regularly, but remember the advantage of this area is that it is public: Ofsted, the local community, other schools & teachers and parents who have lost classroom app logins, can see this area so use it to your benefit in showcasing your best work and experiences.

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