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The class homework area is a series of posts with the most recent post sitting at the top of the page. The most recent post may also feature in other areas of the site, drawing visitors attention to it. Any individual post can also be emailed out to subscribers if you choose.

This area is designed to allow you to directly distribute homework, or to inform parents about any alternate method you use to distribute homework.

The regularity and depth with which you use this area will depend on the other systems you also use for homework distribution.

  • Using the system to the full, you may post a weekly task with a title such as ‘Homework for Friday 12th May‘ Content can include text, pictures, documents or even videos.
  • For those who distribute homework using a different system, you may just write a single post at the start of term saying ‘Homework is given out regularly and will come home with your child in their book bag‘ or ‘Homework tasks are set on our Classroom app, please log in at
  • For those who don’t have class homework, you may just write a single post at the start of term saying ‘We don’t issue regular homework in Class 1
  • EYFS classes may ask to have Homework and Spellings areas turned off so that they don’t show on their sections of the site. It’s also possible to turn them off across the school as a whole. Please email to request this.
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