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Your site will feature documents in pages and posts (such as policies) that are accessed from links in pages that were created using the ‘Add Media’ feature.

Any single document in the media library can be used multiple times on many pages or posts across your site

When you want to update one of these documents, it can be done by swapping out the item in the media library. This effectively updates the document wherever it’s used across the website (the alternative would be to remove the old document and add the new one on a page by page, post by post basis, which is time consuming and may lead to missed old versions).

How to Replace an Old Document with a New Version.

  • From the dashboard, go to Media > Library
  • Use the filter bar to find the old version of the document that you want to update. You can filter by media type, date it was uploaded, or best of all, just search by typing in the document name.
  • Click on the document that you want to replace
  • A window entitled ‘Attachment Details’ appears. In the right hand pane, you should see a section called ‘Replace Media’ and a button labelled ‘upload a new file’ – click that.
  • Use the ‘Browse’ button to locate the new file that you want to upload
  • You can choose to either retain the old file name and replace the new files name with that, or use the new file name and update all the links in the site. In most circumstances you’ll want to select ‘Replace the file, use new file name and update all links’ (This way if you date your documents in the title, the new date will be used.)
  • You may also be asked about Date Options. In most cases you’ll want to ‘Replace the Date’. This will help you the future as it will tell you when you uploaded the new version.
  • Click ‘Upload’ and you’re done! (after upload you are taken to an ‘Edit Media’ page. You don’t need to click anything here, you can navigate away or close the page.)


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