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The Parent’s Area of your website is where you keep everyone updated with news from the office and the classrooms.

In this area we don’t use web ‘pages’ because it would mean constant re-editing of what we wrote on that page the last time we were there.

Instead we use date orientated ‘Posts’ a bit like Facebook or Twitter does.

A post is different to a page because each time we want to write, we start afresh with a blank one. A post can contain whatever you want – words, pictures, photos even documents, video or music (just like a web page can). The great thing about posts is that they can appear in different places across the website and can even be shared on to social media. You don’t have to worry about all the technicalities of layout, webdesign or adding to menu systems. All you need to do is write a new post, click a box to tell the site what type of post it is and the website will do the rest.

Think of it as writing or drawing on a Post-it note which you simply throw into the system for it to organise. Easy!

They are modular and their prominence reduces overtime (as they become less relevant). They are far more flexible than pages and they won’t bog you down.

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