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What is a Menu Box?

On some of the pages of your site you may see Menu Boxes. These are boxes with images and sometimes titles and text that are clickable acting as a link to a page. These boxes can be found on sidebars or below page text, or you may have a page full of the menu boxes making a navigational page for a sub-section of your website.

Each menu box acts as a preview to the page it leads to.

Editing a Menu Box

Each menu box is edited on the edit screen of the page that it leads to.

So, if you have a menu box that links to a page about ‘Uniform’ you need to get yourself to the edit screen of the ‘Uniform’ page.
(see editing a page)


If your menu box has a title, it will match that of the page it leads to. The two are always the same. It’s edited by editing the title of the page itself.


The image that is shown in the menu box is called a ‘featured image’ on the edit screen you’ll see the featured image box (usually to the right hand side of the screen). This image is independent of any of the images that the page itself may hold. Clicking in the box allows you to add, change or remove the featured image via the image library.


If your menu box contains text, it will be either be the first few words that are contained in the page itself, or special independent specially written text. You can tell which it is by looking in the page content edit box. If towards the top of the edit box you see this: —————MORE—————— then you know that text has been specially written for the menu box.

The text above the —–MORE—– marker shows in ONLY the menu box, the text below shows only on the page itself.

You can edit the text in the usually way by positioning your cursor, backspacing and re-typing.

You can remove the —-MORE—- marker by backspacing over it and you can re-add it by using the button on the toolbar (top row, it shows a dotted line)

If you write too much above the —MORE— marker, the text will appear truncated in the menu box.

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