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Websites built or upgraded from 2021 onwards  have auto-generating staff and governor pages.

This system makes it easier to present your staff on the staff page as it creates a ‘business card’ for the staff members from information held within their user profile on the website. This saves you the hassle of having to line-up images, headings and paragraphs repeatedly.

It also allows you the freedom to list out staff on many different pages without the editing burden when staff change. For example, nursery staff may be listed on the main staff list page and also within nursery pages, if a staff member leaves, or a new one arrives, a change to that staff members profile will automatically update all the pages where they feature.

The User Profile Fields

In the profile page you’ll find a number of fields that are used to create the staff page:

Display name publicly as: The name on the card (people often write a preferred name above then select this here.)

Staff Description (Roles, Responsibilities, Experience, Specialisms, Interest: Write a paragraph here (optional)

Employment Group: This determines which group of staff your card will appear within. You can choose more than one (e.g. SLT and Governors)

Position Title: Your job title (e.g. Class Teacher)

*Position Sub Title: another line you can use to add more info (e.g. SENCO or First-Aider etc)

*This is not used for governor business cards as they have their own set of fields

Associated Class: Teachers and TAs should click the class they work with

List Order: The order in which staff cards are displayed is based on this number, the lower the number, the higher the billing. It’s a good idea to go up in 10’s when you initially set this up as it allows wiggle room to move people in-between others later.

For Governors
(leave blank for non-governor staff)

The Governor fields are self-explanatory and you can choose to use them to display information, or you may prefer to leave them blank and supply the information alternatively as a document download in the page in the usual way.

Governor Category (optional)

Committee Memberships (optional) 

Curriculum Links (optional) 

Appointed By (optional) 

Term of Office (optional) 

Avatars – Staff Photos

Even with all this help, your staff will only look as good as the photos that you upload of them. Ensure all your photos are cropped to the same proportions and are of good definition (not blurred or dark!) If you have a photo missing, you should create a blank logo image in the same proportions as your staff photos and upload that in it’s place.

If your photos display blurry or stretched, it will be due to your original image being too small. Please replace with a better quality image.

Kiskadoo offers an affordable, professional staff headshot package for teachers if you need new high quality images for your site or school.

Adding the staff to the page

It’s really easy to add the staff blocks once the user profiles are all up to date.

Go to the editor of the page that you want the staff to display (usually the ‘Staff page’!) and add this code in the editor (a bit like embedding a youTube video, but you don’t need to change to ‘text’ view)

[staff-group group=’teacher’]

the above code generates a block of teachers whilst the code below generates a block of TAs. You get the idea. Add the blocks using these codes for teachers, TAs, Governors, Admin staff etc.

[staff-group group=’ta’]

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