Administering Booked Appointments

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Once the appointment booking system is live on your website Admin/SLT users will have access to administering the booked appointments. This will allow them to edit appointments or to remove them.

From the Dashboard Admin/SLT users will see an Appointments menu item on the left.

Clicking this will give access to a list of appointments set out in a list in a similar way that you’ll be used to with Pages and Posts.

Hovering over the date/time of any booking will show you the edit button which will you allow you to change the booking details.

N.B. For Parents evening bookings, all bookings statuses are set as  CONFIRMED automatically upon booking (we don’t use the ‘pending’ status).

Cancelling Appointments

In this system, the word ‘Removed’ is used (instead of cancelled), so to cancel a booking, simply:

  • find it on the list
  • edit and set the status to ‘Removed’
  • Click Save/Update
  • REFRESH THE BROWSER to see the changes

Reinstating Removed Appointments

If you accidentally removed an appointment, you’ll find it under the ‘Removed’ Tab and you can simply change its status back to ‘Confirmed’ (then save/update – refresh, as above).

Adding New Appointments

Although there is an add new button appointment button on this section of the dashboard, new appointments are better added in the same form that the parents use to avoid mistakes and to ensure that an available time slot is chosen.


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