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Since 2022, Kiskadoo School Websites have the built-in ability to add posts to subject pages that are found under ‘Learning’.

This is a great way to group posts from across the website that prove all the great things you do under a specific subject. Satisfying both OFSTED and parents who have a keen interest that their child is supported one specific area of learning.

Posts can still be added to news or class areas using categories as usual. Or added to a newsletter, but in addition to this, you can add a ‘Tag’ that allows it to also appear at the bottom of a subject page.

Knowing what tag to use and how to add it

  1. Log in to the website as a user, then navigate to the subject page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see an editor’s note that tells you what tag to use as in the screen shot below

    Make a note of the tag exactly as it appears, matching case and hyphens. You can highlight and copy to save time.
  2. Create your new post in the normal way, then look for the Tag box, as in the screen shot below:
  3. Write or paste your tag into the box
  4. Click the Add button

    That’s it. Publish your post by clicking the publish button as usual and it will appear at the bottom of the subject page in addition to any areas you selected using categories.

The tags are derived from page titles. Changing the title of a page will change the tag that it looks to pull into the bottom of the page. If you still want to pull in the same posts after a title change, you need to manually change the tags in the posts to match the new title. You can do this in bulk under Posts > All Posts

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