Adding an Editor to your Facebook Page

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Your Facebook page can have more than one editor who can write to the page and share posts from your website too.

Learn about the different Facebook roles and their permissions HERE

Allowing Staff to Write and Share to your FB Page

For staff to be able to write to your Facebook page, they need to have two things:

  1. A Facebook Account of their own
  2. Editorial rights for the page.

Staff WITHOUT Facebook Accounts

The simplest way forward is to open them a user account using their staff email address. They can have a totally private profile and don’t need to use the account or add any personal details, so the account should prove no burden or privacy issue outside of the work environment.

Staff WITH Facebook Accounts

When setting this up, staff do not need to worry about their profiles being discovered, there are no visible links between the page and those who administer it. When you write or share on the page, you do so as ‘The Page’ rather than as a person.

You need to add staff as ‘Editors’ of your page, the link below tells you how:

How to add or remove editors for your Facebook Page

How Staff Accept their New Editor Role

If the page administrator who is doing the inviting is Facebook friends with the person who’s been invited to edit the page, they should immediately see the invitation as a notification which they can click. They may also get an email about the invitation.

If the page administrator is not Facebook friends, then the invitation is not so obvious. The invitee should visit this page to find and accept the invite:

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